Article V Of The Constitution. The Final Straw?

article-v-vidBy Sir Publius

James Madison, a Federalist, and therefore a proponent for passage of the Constitution and of a stronger central government, affectionately known as the “father of the Constitution”, in arguing for the Constitutions passage and in trying to alleviate the fears of those citizens skeptical about giving more power to a central government, said in Federalist 45, “The powers delegated by the proposed Constitution to the federal government are few and defined. Those which are to remain in the State governments are numerous and infinite.” That was a mouthful of a sentence, huh? Again, that promise, of a limited federal government, was written by an advocate for a stronger central government, and by the man who was said to have written much of what came to be our Constitution. It really goes to show you how generally united both Federalist and Anti-Federalists were in their belief in limited government, despite the Constitutions formation. Continue reading

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PISA: U.S. Test Scores Below Average, Again

educationBy Sir Publius

I know. We’re all so surprised, right? According to the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), U.S. students continued to test below average for the 2012 school year. Considering the assets we have at our disposal, average ought to be a disgrace, much less below average, again. Just a few PISA scores showed we ranked 26 out of 34 in math, 17th in reading, and 21st in science. What can we realistically do about that? What’s the answer to solving this problem? Well, there is no singular answer to this tragedy, but make no mistake, it must be solved, or else.

Aristotle said of education, “All who have meditated on the art of governing mankind have been convinced that the fate of empires depends on the education of youth.” Jefferson also saw the import of education when he similarly said, “If a nation expects to Continue reading

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Supreme Court Orders Obama Admin to Respond to Christian Homeschooling Family’s Appeal

Romeike-Family-300x224By Heather Clark

WASHINGTON – The United States Supreme Court has ordered Attorney General Eric Holder and the Department of Justice to respond to a petition to appeal from a Christian homeschooling family that is fighting deportation to their homeland of Germany.

As previously reported, Ewe and Hannelore Romeike have been battling the matter in the courts for several years while continuing to raise their six children in rural Tennessee. The Romeike family fled to the United States in 2008 after German authorities demanded that they stop homeschooling in violation of national law.  Continue reading

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An Outbreak Of Lawlessness

page_2012_krauthammer_squareBy Charles Krauthammer

For all the gnashing of teeth over the lack of comity and civility in Washington, the real problem is not etiquette but the breakdown of constitutional norms.

Such as the one just spectacularly blown up in the Senate. To get three judges onto a coveted circuit court, frustrated Democrats abolished the filibuster for executive appointments and (non–Supreme Court) judicial nominations.  Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving!


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Hate Crime Legislation…Necessary, Or An Attack On Liberty?

hate-crime-20887By Sir Publius

If you follow the news, you’ve probably heard about the so-called “knockout game” in recent weeks, where people sucker punch unsuspecting people, I guess to see if they can knock them out cold or not. Nice, huh? How widespread a problem it is is unclear, but its certainly a disturbing trend nonetheless. Just a few days ago, a Brooklyn man, Amrit Marajh, was charged with a hate crime for assaulting an Orthodox Jew in an apparent knockout attempt (link to story at the bottom). I became curious why exactly he was charged with a hate crime, and despite my queries online, I couldn’t find out, except that Jews have been attacked in this manner of late in larger numbers than other population groups. It got me to thinking, what even constitutes a hate crime? Are hate crime laws really just? Are they constructive, despite Continue reading

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FORWARD! Let Me Ask You, Why Do We Even Have A Senate In This Country Anymore?

senate picBy Sir Publius

What exactly is the point of the Senate? Ever think about that for a minute? Why not just have one legislative body, the House of Representatives, and have it make all legislation? Why the two different legislative bodies?  I think this is a question more people need to ask themselves every now and then, the answer to which cannot probably be fully addressed in a short article, but which nonetheless apparently needs to be addressed considering our present state of affairs.  Continue reading

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